Peace, Human Rights & Non Violence


As a business consultant, traveler, social entrepreneur and artist i have seen how human rights are taken in consideration while daily life decision making, how are seldom known, and how seldom are applied.
For my surprise it is not only in third world countries, but in immigration policies and protocols, labor rights issues, women and children, family issues, but as well in daily life business, daily life relationships and even love relationships.
In 2011 i decided to reduce the time of my commitment to corporations and ground a non for profit organization dedicated to peace, i studied in more detail the issue of peace, war and human rights (Finally in 2016 i grounded a foundation in The Netherlands).
I discovered that war strategy has been used by all cultures in the world for last centuries, and it is integrated to the subconscious mind of every modern society, from politics, to business, religion, education, city design, and daily life decision making.
No wonder that war, conflict and other macro social events take place still in our modern world.
A start for the change would be to become aware of how in daily life, most of strategies used, follow war strategy principles. Simples examples and exercises can verify this observation in every individual or organization daily life.
If we are looking for peace, we must change from the root, how humanity design its daily business, as it is there when the long term business and culture/civilization development process take place, decisions are made and future is created.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by  the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948,  as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations, to the end that every individual and every organ of society, keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance, both among the peoples of Member States themselves and among the peoples of territories under their jurisdiction. 

The UDHR found resonance after second world war as the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.


2016, after living abroad and abroad traveling, since 1997, i have personally experienced how necessary and important is to rise awareness on the need of a global culture and civilization to grow hand to hand with the application of human rights in daily life. 

Legal instruments as well as organizations dedicated to awareness rising, change of policies, protection and education of global citizens are necessary.

There are still so many cases of structural abuse, labor abuse, enforced encarcelation, women and children abuse, immigrants abuse, family abuse, that take place in countries and locations that are educated enough, and intentionally agree on the importance of peace, care for family, culture, nature and heritage.

Why still, in a modern world which has been educated for about 70 years, on the importance of peace, and human rights, ethics, justice, heritage, one still in well developed countries and development countries, experience so many cases of abuse?

While researching on peace, and writing a series of publications dedicated to peace work, i did find out that the UDHR is intentionally accepted and supported, but in practical terms, needs to be applied in daily life as in situations of conflict that threatens peace and in locations that are lacking of information and awareness on human rights, ethics and justice from a modern global culture and  civilization point of view.

The ability to apply human rights, ethics, non violence in daily life: interpersonal relationships, business and professional decision making, strategies and culture; family and love relationships; within a process of community building and team building, as well as in the management of an organization, community or business, is necessary.

Human rights are not for intellectual and conceptual discussion only, while the design of organizations and instruments, policies that follow human rights is paramount for a future in peace, the education of human perception, sensibility, sensitivity, emotional ability to communicate, collaborate and co-create by observing the UDHR is necessary.

There for, this campaign is dedicated to support peace at our backyard, at home ground, in daily life.


Modern world is the result of 1000s of years, cultures and civilizations dedicated to care for own interests that did choose to dedicate all their efforts and resources to policies, culture and organization designed for war, or safety, protection of their own interests and culture. The modern global culture has learned on war strategy for business, professional development, personal development, religion, politics and education. War type of perception is natural in the modern human, the instinctive response to power, weakness, threat and opportunity.  How about a shift into peace strategy?

Modern global culture has done important steps in the field of non violence. While still, even communication, for example at executive domain, may be emotionally sensitive and non violent,  strategy design and decision making produce violent outcomes for individuals, their families, local communities, culture, nature, governments and history, even for the future for the human species.


Non violence and ethics need to be integrated to human rights, as for essential elements of individual, professional, family, political daily life.

A new global culture and civilization, needs of a new pattern of thinking, perceiving, doing, and creating. Progress is necessary, science and technology, as well as an stable global economy. While if human rights or not observed, and ethics are not applied, along the unstoppable progress, violence would become a trait still of a modern culture that claims to be dedicated to peace and equality. 


In order to bring a refreshing daily life experience on human rights, ethics and no violence to business, politics, family, community and personal development realms, the following strategies have been designed:

1. Awareness Rising Campaigns:
While Human rights, ethics and non violence importance is in developed countries not a new topic, and there is a collective agreement and consent for its practice, it is still necessary to rise  awareness on the challenges faced while the intentional application of human rights, non violence and ethics in daily life. How do we care for the human rights of own children, wife or husband, of those of our employees, neighbors or community members? Along 24×7 decision making, preferences, choices, priorities? The awareness rising campaigns will show cases in which the current modern global culture do not observe human rights, non violence or application of ethics; and suggest important changes in individuals and organization perception regarding the need of a grounded tangible application of them, through the realization that agreement on policies, concepts and perception of their importance is not enough for daily life needs. For example emotional self-management, perception, communication and collaboration trainings will be suggested.

2. Leadership training program.
It will help leaders in any field, to apply, (Human rights, ethics and non violence) integrate into their daily practice, development process, strategies, decision making, policies, culture, in general from governance to daily life communication and interaction.

3. Performing arts  for peace:
A crew of international and multicultural artists, trained on ethics, non violence and human rights will perform, as in improv theater and role played theater several performances in which will be demonstrated: challenges in the daily life application of human rights ethics and non violence; but as well how could be a love relationship, a family, a team, a company, a community or society, politics and daily life in general, a global culture and civilization that is conscious and apply tangibly in every daily life human rights, ethics and non violence. The ensemble, crew of performing artists will be trained, and performances will be suggested at locations and online, for the purpose of awareness rising, and education through story telling.

In strategic order, we will first dedicate our efforts to awareness rising campaigns, then to the leadership training to finally invest into the performing arts for peace school.
The following 3 main project budget is the goal of this campaign.
But please notice that at the “Donation Levels”section you can support specific tasks, needs of the project, in general.

1. Awareness Rising Campaigns:

Considering 1 first year, 4 campaigns.
Involve information shared in local journals, media; presentations at local government, community centers, private sector, schools, universities, corporate and not for profit.
A team will be trained along the year, 27 units training per month, on non violence, ethics and human rights applied to daily life.
The team will produce the campaigns and be responsible of all the work that need to be done.
Volunteers will collaborate.
Each campaign will take 3 months, including training and volunteers organization.

Budget for 1 campaign (3 months):

8000.00 USD Training of main team (3)
24300.00 USD Wages for team members working 75% ( 3 team members, 3 months, 2700.00 EUR / mo)
4000.00 USD Training for volunteers, recruiting.
17000.00 USD Presentations at organizations
17000.00 USD Media Campaign
8000.00 USD Rent of an office, equipment, materials, services, like internet and telf.

TOTAL 3 months, 1 Campaign: 81000.00 USD
Total 3 Campaigns:  324000.00 USD

2. Leadership training program.

Considering 1 first year, the training program will be provided 4 times, once per season.
1 weekend /month, 27 units of training per weekend, 81 units in total,  combined with online training program, and monthly application projects, activities and weekly 3 hours study circle. 
After completion of the program, students may join a continues online training program, dedicated to network and collaboration.
Participants will be invited to volunteer in our awareness rising campaigns and apply all they have learned.
The Training program will include: Peace, ethics, human rights and non violence training. As well project management, communication and marketing; useful skills for social entrepreneurs, self-employed that would like to work on the field. But as well for a Mind Set Change, perception change, on how business, management and communication can be made based on human rights, non violence and ethics applied. A special area of study in the training program will be gender, children, immigrants, labor rights. Also their application in daily life.

Budget for 1 Training Program (3 months)

24300.00 USD Wages for training facilitators,  and core team of the project, working 75% ( 3 team members, 3 months, 2700.00 EUR / mo)
4000.00 USD Training for volunteers, recruiting.
17000.00 USD Marketing of the training program. Media, Online, Presentations.
8000.00 USD Rent of an venue, equipment for presentations and training, materials, services, like internet and telf.

TOTAL 3 months, 1 Training Program*: 53300.00 USD
Total 4 Training Programs:  213200.00 USD

3. Performing arts  for peace:

Performing artists and the necessary team for an ensemble will be recruited: theater, dance, music, sound, light, circus artists, media artists, costumes, make up artists, and others.
A training program on meditative performing arts, integrated to non violence method, emotional self-management, and a profound background on case study: human rights, peace, non violence, ethics applied in daily life vs the application in macro systems, development countries,  war or other cases.Training will be also provided into production of performances with aims of awareness rising and social education. Marketing, sales, organization. So that the crew itself will be in charge of the whole production process. As well a training as facilitators of workshops, through arts, dedicated to emotional self-awareness, perception and development of skills necessary for the application of human rights, non violence and ethics in daily life.
After the first training program has been completed, the careful selection of performances, cases demonstrated through them, will start. Production, rehearsal and performance will follow; with the integration of marketing and sales strategies in collaboration with local organizations.
Along 9 months several performances will be produced, from flash mobs to presentations at schools and universities, culture and community centers, festivals, public spaces, or in collaboration with third party organizations, plus events in theater and production of arts to be shared online.
An ensemble building program will be set, so that artists will share their process of learning and production online, like a reality show, so that other locations around the world will feel inspired.
The crew will be trained to facilitate methods and practices to other artists, and build up producers and artists, facilitators, as multipliers, leaders of similar projects in other locations.
The training for the artist will take place every month, 1 weekend 27 units, followed up with online training program and a weekly study circle. Plus rehearsal and self study hours. Plus production hours every week, completing 75% dedication to the project.
The crew will  generate profit out of the performances, presentations and workshops provided.
Several performances like flash mobs, or those at schools, universities or festivals will be provided free with the collaboration of sponsors and local partners. We wish corporations to support this project through sponsorship.
The main goal will be that after 1 year, the crew will be able to self-sustain themselves, generate enough income to sustain the project for the next, second year.

Budget for 1 year (9 months Ensemble)

218700.00 USD Wages for performing artists and crew, working 75% ( 9 team members, 9 months, 2700.00 EUR / mo)
4000.00 USD Training for volunteers, recruiting.
53000.00 USD Marketing: Media, Online, Presentations.
53000.00 USD Rent of an venue, equipment for presentations and training, materials, services, like internet and telf.
26000.00 USD Training of main team (9) along 9 months

TOTAL  Ensemble Productions 9 months, : 354700.00 USD


324000.00 USD Total 3 Awareness Rising Campaigns
213200.00 USD Total 4 Training Programs
354700.00 USD Total  Ensemble Productions 9 months

TOTAL: 891900.00 USD

My name is Luis, i have studied laws, principles, cycles and rhythms of nature for several years. My passion is to design strategies and solutions for business, peace, technology and human potential studies.

In the year 2016 i grounded a not for profit organization in The Netherlands, dedicated to peace, care for family, culture, life sustainability, innovation in technology, scientific research, wealth generation, heritage and legacy.

I did studies in math and science for engineering, Information System Analysis and Software design,  i am an author, artist, and entrepreneur. Business consultant and coach. Developed since 1987 an innovative know how based on the study of laws, principles, rhythms and cycles of nature, biohacking, human potential studies, studies of ancient cultures and their technology as well as futurist analysis of market and culture trends.

The main aim of my body of work is to collaborate with the advancement of a global culture and civilization based on  the care for peace, family, culture, heritage, life sustainability, innovation in technology, science, wealth generation, legacy.

I have been living abroad and abroad traveling since 1997. As an expat i became very aware of the importance of an holistic balanced life, leisure time, and family time. I have also engaged in the teaching of yoga, meditation, martial arts.

My self i spend as much time i am able to in nature, visit forest, rivers, mountains and see, beside expeditions i organize every year for research on ancient cultures, civilizations and their technology. Looking for the wisdom of our elders world wide. 

The LDMF Foundation is my legacy. Now dedicated to a not for profit work, make it possible for me to share the results of my research world wide.


The LDMF Foundation is a not for profit organization  dedicated to visionary innovation in the fields of technology, peace and human potential studies. The LDMF Foundation has been grounded in The Netherlands, city of Utrecht. 
Address: Groenekanseweg 246 A, 3737AL Groenekan, The Netherlands
KvK-nummer 66225345, RSIN: 856450923
SBI-code: 94996 – Overige ideële organisaties

We are a Not for Profit Organization

Between 1999 and 2003 i have been traveling in South America sharing with community, networks and not for profit organizations, entrepreneurs and start ups strategy for self-sustainability. Not for profit organization does not mean to limit own self to receive donations. There is so much need for jobs and our national and global economy needs to be empowered. 

For the LDMF Foundation to generate jobs is as important as to innovate in technology, create a new strategy for peace or an innovative campaign for human rights, or advance through innovative know how the performance of a company, organization or network; or create ne methods for scientific research and education. 

The LDMF Foundation is a not for profit organization. One of our main know how lines is dedicated to business consultancy and coaching. We as well incubate companies. We believe that technology innovation should be dedicated to the grounding of new companies that will provide jobs and empower local and national economies, bring internships for young professionals and create networks dedicated to life, culture and peace.

The research projects we develop at the LDMF Foundation are dedicated to innovation and design of solutions, strategies and new technologies, as well the development of strategies dedicated to care for peace, culture, family, heritage and legacy.

 A new company would be created dedicated to provide training, coaching for leaders on human rights, ethics and non violence applied to daily life; as well the same company will produce performing arts presentations and events as a method for education and awareness rising.

Creating jobs and externalizing the project from the LDMF Foundation. Through the generation of jobs and collaboration with the national and global market.

The Art of Peace, Life and War: Research & e-books Collection

The author, fundraiser and project manager of this campaign has been dedicated to research, know how development and creation of solutions and strategies for life sustainability, based on the study of principles, laws, cycles and rhythms of nature, human factor, global culture and civilization and peace since 1987.  

The following list of e-books is one of the collections available at his e-library. 

Burnout Prevention

Our Story

The fundraising campaign will be dedicated to support 4600 individuals with high risk of burnout, advance current methods, develop novel solutions, collaborate with technical assistance and by providing training online world wide to clusters of coaches and facilitators of preventive practice, that would like to mirror our projects in the Netherlands. Based on this project 100 coaches and facilitators will be trained, each of them with ability to facilitate burnout prevention services and alleviation of burnout symptoms.


A document dedicated to this project has been shared at a scientific research network, with the intention to reach health professionals, educators, social scientists, HHRR, CXOs, social service professionals, and promote communication and collaboration on these matters. ( DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.17139.43044)


-Research – Study on Burnout Prevention  v.2.0

-Training program for coaches and trainers

-Innovation in know how for burnout prevention and alleviation of its symptoms



Burnout, coaching, training, prevention, treatment, multidisciplinary studies, stress management, self-management, holistic strategic management, risk management, HHRR, preventive intervention, internship, fundraising, novel know how, know how development.



– Trials : LDMF Foundation know how for burnout prevention methods facilitated to 4600 individuals

– Upgrade current LDMF Foundation know how for burnout prevention

– Produce novel tools for burnout prevention and treatment

– Provide training to coaches and facilitators (New methods)



Insurances companies and public social services from all around the world have registered an important amount of money being utilized for burnout treatment and calculated loss in business process [ 2016, for example, by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work,… €600 billion a year — “€272 billion on absenteeism and presenteeism , €94 billion on missed work days, €242 billion on loss of productivity, €63 billion on healthcare costs and disability payments of €39 billion.”].


Burnout creates an impact in the family-life-work balance from which burnout patients and their families hardly recover, or must do commit with a long process dedicated to the rehab of the patience but as well the rehab of the family-life-work balance.


In that sense, burnout prevention plays a key role for holistic strategic management and self-management, leadership and governance.


The LDMF Foundation has implemented a set of training and coaching (9 steps) programs dedicated to burnout prevention “The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy”, stress management and self-management; and has in development process novel know how and methods that will be tested in the following years.




For the purpose of burnout prevention and burnout symptoms alleviation, research, upgrade of methods already utilized and development of novel know how and solutions in burnout treatment and prevention.


The LDMF Foundation will provided to:


4600 trials (Individuals)

a total of 271200 units of burnout prevention training and coaching

Along a total of 81 weeks.


Based on the results, experienced and verified through a scientific research process, novel know how will be developed.


Trainers & Coaches: A complete training program will be provided to trainers and coaches that wish to join this project and collaborate with its development.





115410345.00 EUR  ($137,846,000 USD) ( Research, Trials, Training for Coaches and Trainers, Innovation in Holistic Burnout Prevention and Burnout Symptoms alleviation practices)


Fundraising goals (With following funds we may develop the project step by step)


-Presentations, Conferences:  5000.00 EUR

-Awareness Rising campaigns: 8000.00 EUR

-Training Program for Coaches and Trainers 27 Units (9 days): 8000.00 EUR (Organization) + 7020.00 EUR Training + 800.00 EUR / attendee for training + 900.00 EUR/Attendee x evaluation and certification.

-27 Units of Training-Coaching : Burnout prevention for 1 individual with high burnout risk:

–.27×90= 2430.00 EUR per individual. Basic Training.

–.27×260=7020.00 EUR per individual. Complete training and coaching.

–.2060.00 EUR Full weekend workshop.




01. Awareness rising campaigns

02. Presentations, conferences

03. Recruiting of coaches, trainers and researchers

04. Training of coaches and trainers

05. Provide burnout prevention training to individuals with burnout high risk (Trials)

06. Completion of the number of units, cycles, stages of training-coaching planned as for trials. (05)

07. Assessment of results

08. Conclusions, Publications

09. Know How, Methods, Innovation. Design and implementation of novel tools for burnout prevention and burnout symptoms alleviation.

09+. Share of the know how world wide, online, through networks, with collaboration of health organizations and organizations with employees that experience high burnout risk.







Prevention is essential, through the application of preventive practices it is possible to help individuals that are at burnout risk to advance their performance while avoiding burnout to be experienced.





It means to do something, before the issue that we do not prefer takes place.


” The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy ” is the know how behind the first set of gamified training programs and coaching services dedicated to burnout prevention, provided by the LDMF Foundation.  http://9-steps-programs.luisdanielmaldonadofonk…


The training program is being provided since june 2017 at the city of Rhenen, The Netherlands, 3 times per week. 9+ self-management and burnout prevention training programs are provided now to the Rhenen region.




The LDMF Foundation, by the study of nature principles, rhythms, cycles, laws, the human factor (human potential, human stages of development), and study of ancient culture know how and technology, has developed a series of tools dedicated to holistic self-management.


” The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy ” is one of these tools, core know how behind the ” 9 Steps Programs” designed for burnout prevention.


But there is more, at the LDMF Foundation continues research has brought novel know how for burnout prevention and we belief this new stage (upgrade) of our know how will make it possible for individuals with burnout to alleviate the symptoms and return to social, family, emotional, professional and leisure activity.


At the LDMF Foundation there are considered 9 stages of burnout prevention and  also the standard international burnout severity stages. From lack of ability to manage stress, fear to fail, to lack of comfort into the tasks scheduled to finally experience inability to meet deadlines and complete process and projects.


With following research studies, we would like to improve the results obtained with the methods already provided (2000-2016), and develop new practices that will as well alleviate burnout symptoms.





The research study planned involve 4600 trials (Individuals), for a total of 271200 units of burnout prevention practices provided to them, within a total of 81 weeks.


The methods will be applied to small circles of attendees that have been previously assessed and perceived as experiencing risk to burnout.


Weekly training units will be provided to them, as well as monthly weekend, individual and group coaching. e-learning materials will be as well provided for self-education purposes.


A careful and precise holistic observation of results of application of methods, including health checks, lab. tests, mechanical scientific studies,  and the development of the individuals in their ability to manage stress and stressful situations, will generate the data necessary for further studies.


The trials will be developed by stages, and cycles of: 27, 81, 164, 81 and 27 units necessary for the completion of a process facilitated for purpose of burnout prevention.


Participants will share their experiences and benefits of applications of the methods learned.


A careful assessment of each attendee will give to coaches and trainers detailed information on the individual challenges that need to be faced. Group coaching will bring the group process into a collaborative and synergetic development.


By completing each cycle of this study, an assessment of final results, conclusions, will be published. With the final results, the team of researchers, coaches and trainers will proceed with the upgrade and innovation of the tools already utilized and the new ones being developed.


Already a previous research study have been developed, based on LDMF Foundation archive of methods and practices for burnout prevention and alleviation provided by its founder between 2000 and 2016.  DOI:..


This new stage of the research study, will bring a new upgrade of methods and novel burnout prevention and symptoms alleviation know how.






The LDMF Foundation provides already a paid service for burnout prevention:  ” The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy ” .


Attendees of the training and coaching programs provided through this research study, will enjoy of gift certificates for some or all units of their training.


The LDMF Foundation is asking for sponsors and partner organizations to collaborate with the project.


A Fundraising campaign has been placed into action with purpose of gathering the means necessary for the project.


The aim would be to cover all expenses of the research study, and complete the 4600 trials (Individuals), for a total of 271200 units of burnout prevention practices and coaching provided to them.


Through fundraising, sponsors and collaboration of the attendees, the LDMF Foundation expect to gather the means necessary.


The LDMF Foundation starts awareness rising campaign in September 2017, through online conferences, at location conferences, publications and fundraising campaigns.


We wish volunteers and collaborators at location will join us, coaches and trainers.


As well it is an expectation that clusters of coaches and trainers abroad would like to mirror our projects, receive technical support, certification in our methods and join an online collaboration platform.




For the purpose of this research study, within the time frame planned, it is necessary to bring by to coaches and trainers the methods to be utilized. It means to increase the current team of coaches and trainers.


Coaches and trainers that wish to join a LDMF Foundation team dedicated to burnout prevention, will join an internship work-study program, necessary for their completion of skills.


Trainers and coaches will be included into a crew by stages, according to the cycles of the research study, trials: 3, 11, 22, 33 and finally up to 100 team members will be recruited and trained, assisted in their role of supporting 4600 individuals at burnout risk learn how to prevent burnout and alleviate burnout symptoms.


Their training program will take for up to 100  team members a total of 30000 units of training, evaluation of skills and capacity of responsible application and certification as coaches and trainers in the methods provided by the LDMF Foundation.


Coaches and trainers will receive as well a training on skills necessary to collaborate with this research-study through providing services of burnout prevention and burnout symptoms alleviation to their customers.


An advanced team will focus on assessment of the attendees, and evaluation of results, know how development, creation of novel solutions in field burnout prevention.




Publications will be made available to share the results and progress of the study.


After completion of 271200 units necessary for all cycles, stages of this research study, the LDMF Foundation expect to arrive to the design and implementation of novel solutions for burnout prevention and burnout symptoms alleviation.


The results, in form of training programs, coaching methods, preventive practices will be made available world wide through online platforms, publications and e-learning programs, for both (coaches and trainers in field burnout prevention) and for individuals with high burnout risk and for those with burnout already that wish to alleviate the burnout symptoms.


The methods will be brought to public, health organizations, preventive health schools, and to organizations with employees that experience high burnout risk.



The LDMF Foundation

Single Parenting – Family – Self-Management

“The art of decision making and time management defines the outcome of the day, resources management, process management are key for the administration of a family, business and life projects. With right strategy and planning, step by step, dreams can become true.”- LDMF


  • Register for the online Conference/Presentations
  • Register for the meet up / group Coaching in Rhenen City.

Attendees will receive a gift certificate for an online courses in “emotions and time management” “decision Making” and an online course “Influences of hormonal shifts along the menstruation cycle in human  performance: skills, perception, emotional intelligence, decision making, collaboration, concentration, focus”, as well for e-books and group coaching sessions in the city of Rhenen, The Netherlands.

Language: English

Motivation letter:  by the LDMF Foundation Chairman, L.D. Maldonado Fonken


SINGLE PARENTS  ” Their challenges, success and happiness “

The 27th Sept. 2017 is the last day for online register for the series of Cycle of online Conferences/presentations and Single Parenting.

Host: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Coach and Trainer in Self-Management & Burnout Prevention.

Along the online conferences several topics will be discussed:

  • Single Parents Challenges
  • Self-Management for Single Parenting (WIKI…)
  • Parenting, Education
  • Time Management
  • Emotions, decision making, perception
  • Baby sitter, paid, trade or family/friends ?
  • How single parents solve their challenges ?
  • Second profession
  • Job seeking
  • Burnout and single parenting (burnout prevention)
  • Why single parents that are happy with their life (self-realization) have children that become capable to realize their dreams too ?
  • How challenges and weaknesses of single parents are transferred to their children ?
  • Introducing a new love partner to your children.
  • The social stigma of being a single parent.
  • What do your own parents think about you being a single parent ?
  • How do you feel receiving alimony ?
  • Do you cover your life expenses with social benefits or fully with alimony from your ex love partner?
  • Sex and single parenting. Do you have sex at home or not ?
  • Single parents network.
  • Single Parents Community House.
  • Skills single parents would appreciate to have, develop.
  • Self-employment, starting up your own business.
  • Single parents meet up. and Group coaching by Stichting LDMF.
  • More topics related to attendees questions and answers.

Fees: Free (Donations are welcome).

How to register:

  • Add yourself to the event: EventBrite
  • Write us an e-mail:


  • The schedule will be shared by e-mail only with those registered.
  • In order to join, intentional attendees will receive an online code.
  • The Sitchting LDMF intents to organize these events online at least once per month.
  • Based on the response of interested attendees the total number of conferences and the frequency per month may vary.
  • The first conference will be scheduled for October Week 01.

City of Rhenen, The Netherlands

Single Parents in Rhenen area, cities Veenendaal, Wageningen, and close towns are welcome to join a monthly meet up on single parenting.

  • The intention of the meet up is to follow the discussions on the online conferences, presentations, and provide group coaching.
  • Each meet up one or more topics will be discussed, single parent may share their experiences and questions.
  • Advise and group coaching will be provided.
  • Essential advice and training on useful techniques and methods for self-management and single parenting will be suggested.
  • The meet ups length is 53-90 min.

Facilitator, Coach: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


  • The schedule will be shared by e-mail only with those registered.
  • The Sitchting LDMF intents to organize these events in Rhenen at least once per month.
  • Based on the response of interested attendees the total number of meet ups and the frequency per month may vary.
  • The first meet up will be scheduled for October Week 03.
  • Venue will be chosen according to the number of intentional registered attendees.

Fees: Free for attendees of the online conference (*) The first meet up will be free for all attendees.  We intent at the Stichting LDMF to gather and inspire sponsors for the following meet ups.


The first 50 single parents that register and attend to the online  conference will receive a 100% Gift certificate for the online training on “emotions and time management”  at Udemy. 

  • first 50 : 100% Gift Certificate
  • the next 50 : 50% Gift Certificate
  • the next 10: 10% Gift Certificate

The first 10 single parents that register and attend to the online conference will receive a 100% Gift Certificate for the online training on: “Influences of hormonal shifts along the menstruation cycle in human  performance: skills, perception, emotional intelligence, decision making, collaboration, concentration, focus”

  • first 10 : 100% Gift Certificate
  • the next 10 : 50% Gift Certificate
  • the next 10: 10% Gift Certificate

The first 5 single parents that register and attend to the online conference will receive a 100% Gift Certificate for a “Single Parents Meet up – Group Coaching “

The first 10 single parents that register for any event will receive a 30% Gift Certificate for the e-book: “The Primordial Art of Co-creation: The sun, the moon and the Heart‘ on “Influences of hormonal shifts along the menstruation cycle in human  performance: skills, perception, emotional intelligence, decision making, collaboration, concentration, focus”.

The first 30 single parents that register for the online conferences and meet up, and participate, will receive a 50% GIFT Certificate for the online course at Udemy: “Decision Making”


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken,

  • Coach
  • Author, Researcher
  • Burnout Prevention Trainer
  • Business Consultant : Holistic Strategic Management
  • Founder of the Stichting LDMF

Has been researching (Natural and social science) and developed a know how, tools for self-management that are nature inspired, holistic and synergetic, since 1987. The main intention of his body of work is to provide solutions to the human experience, enhance quality of life and sustainable development conditions. One of his topics of applications, fields he is interested to solve, is that of single parenting, as he considers that a happy parent will raise happy and self-realized children. He provides advice for self-management and self-employment.

In his book: The Sun, The Moon & The Heart, he discusses the influences of hormonal changes on human performance, how actually, for example, women may experience 4 different phases or characters of skills, focus, attention, ability of communication, decision making, collaboration.

Luis has created an Udemy Online Courses, with focus on time management and self-management, and the importance of emotions and perception for decision making. The art of decision making and time management defines the outcome of the day, resources management, process management are key for the administration of a family, business and life projects. With right strategy and planning, step by step, dreams can become true.

Luis provides in the city of Rhenen, weekly outdoors leisure burnout prevention training, through a 9 steps program. As well a series of courses dedicated to self-management.


Luis intent to share the result of his research in single parenting and self-management to coaches and trainers that would like to join a Preventive Intervention Project, dedicated to support single parents. Coaches and trainers will receive training on a system of tools and methods, coaching and training program, designed to assist single parents. The trained coaches and facilitators will join the STichting LDMF School for coaching as interns and provide 1-2-1 support for single parents after completion of their training program. 

Through this project an online platform and trainings, conferences, will be provided online, and at location, as well as a series of meet ups and group coaching. This online platform will help single parents world wide. A detail description of the project has been shared at a Scientific Research Network, online, Research Gate, seeking for international professionals and researchers interested to collaborate in the project online or replicate it, mirror project, at their own locations. (Please contact us for more details, if you are coach, trainer or single parent and would like to volunteer, collaborate with the project or take an internship for becoming part of the team)


A 9 Steps Program for self-management and Burnout Prevention, developed at the STichting LDMF, focus on gamified experiential training programs, which integrate indirect coaching and build up of skills in fields emotional self-management, stress management, self-awareness, endurance, positive thinking, self-achievement, self-confidence, stress management, process management.

Solving business from several perspectives simultaneously
The Ability of self-management is essential for decision making and process management. Any business plan, or project, well designed, will reach a successful result if both skills are present.
Holistic Strategic Management Consultancy  is a service provided by the Stichting LDMF which focus on the application of nature inspired, holistic, synergetic and systemic tools for management and self-management.
Services are provided to corporate, non profit organizations, start ups and self-employed. 


The following training programs have been made available for single parents online. Please attend our events in order to receive gift certificates.

The Publications

The Sun, the Moon and the Heart, Hormonal Influences on Human Performance. 

More e-books by the same author at Gumroad

MOTIVATION LETTER by L.D. Maldonado Fonken

Letter by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Along my journeys, since 1996, i have met wonderful people, sensitive to life, with creative inspiring ideas, dreams and values. most of them parents.

I have also experienced that single parents the most, have uncompleted dreams and wish for an opportunity, support, to accomplish them.

The love they have for their children, bring them to face complex challenges, within their own hearts, in their social life, personal development, professional development or generation of wealth, achievement, realization of their dreams, and happiness.

I am aware that individuals that are single and have no children may have difficulties understanding the sensitive nature of this project. But i am certain single parents, and couples-parents in general will do.
The feeling of completion of dreams, self-realization of an individual is extremely important for our society.

In particular when parents achieve their own dreams, children learn with them, all that is in their own spirit, necessary to bring, in order to make their dreams true, or to achieve their goals.

The main intention of this project, is to inspire single parents, to tell them, we are empathic to their situation, and would like to support them, by first sharing a word of understanding, but as well creating alternatives for them, to work on.
The Parenting Theta project is result of several years of experience, as coach, trainer, friend, traveler, volunteer and love partner in the field of relationship with single parents.

My wish is to see their hearts smiling, filled with light and joy, as they have every day taken one more step towards the realization of their dreams, and have experienced the satisfaction of completion of milestones in their own

I predict that this project will be a first voice in a choir of sensitive volunteers, coaches, trainers, social workers, social entrepreneurs, that have a vision of future, understanding of the nature of happiness, the importance of selfrealization, and the clarity on the importance of the role of parenting, the impact of parents presence and life, leaved in the hearts, perception and spirit of children.

Yes, this project is dedicated to single parents, but actually is for their children, with happy parents, we will create the necessary conditions for children to evolve as global citizens able to reach themselves their own happiness. Parents are the best and most important direct example, model and teacher, for life.
May this project, be of benefit for future generations and our legacy for a new global culture and civilizations.

Thanks for your appreciation, interest, collaboration and support

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
Chairman, CEO,
The LDMF Foundation

THE Stichting LDMF

It is a non profit organization dedicated to research in natural and social science, which develop solutions in fields family, peace, culture care, heritage, legacy, sustainable development, wealth generation, technology innovation, and global culture.

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The works of our legacy are our daily duty.

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