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The Campaign

The funding necessary the implementation of learning programs for researchers, trainers, coaches and consultants: scholarships and fellowships. (Including Scientific Research, Scientific Publications, Infra-Structure, Team and Equipment).
The LDMF Foundation is guardian of the PTT Know How, cares for continues research, technology innovation in its field of study and its promotion, implementation, for the purpose of development and advancement of an emerging global culture and civilization.

PTT (Primordial Technology Theta) is an holistic, synergetic, visionary and humanist, know how that can change the future of humanity, advance the development of an emerging global culture and civilization in peace, increase the chance of survival and evolution of the human species.

PTT: Primordial Technology Theta is a nature inspired know how, developed based on the study of nature laws, principles, rhythms and cycles, the human potential (human factor) and know how and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations.

The PTT Core Know How, PTT Applications, Research Projects and the LDMF Foundation are result of the philanthropic dedication of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, since 1987. In the year 2013 Luis decided to invest efforts  and resources, for an humanist cause, share PTT Core know how, its applications and following research projects results with the world, and ensure their correct use, and education of technology transfer professionals for its promotion and implementation world wide, as well as of scientific researchers, for its further study and development.

Since 2016, the LDMF Foundation has been in the process of organization, completed 200+ scientific publications, and starts the process of recruiting, with 45+ scientific research projects, thanks to the 100% dedication of its founder.

The Founding

This Funding Campaign will make it possible for Luis to continue his research work and the development of the LDMF Foundation, as well as to provide training to researchers and educators.

The funding is necessary for:

  • Scientific Publications
  • Research and development of applications
  • Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Education Programs
  • Infra-structure, Equipment
  • Team



Since 2016 through a non profit organization Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken intents to ensure the protection, promotion, continues research and development of scientific research and technology innovation in a unique multidisciplinary field of study he has been working on for about 30 years.


BENEFITS of the Know How –  Research Studies –  Completed Previous Work

The Know how, applications, in this new field of research have already reach several benefits in field preventive health, self-management, leadership, strategic management, governance, natural and social scientific research, technology innovation.

The foundations of the core know how have been presented along 2016 in a Scientific Research Network and are available for public, research organizations and universities from all around the world.

New research is being developed in the fields: Education, Strategic Management, Scientific research methods, Governance, Leadership, Coaching, Project Management, Risk Management, Technology innovation, Self-management, Defense, Security, A.I., Life Span, Neuroscience,  Geo-Location Assessment, Engineering, Mathematics, Human Potential, DNA Studies, Gamification, Peace, Human Rights, Economy, Family, Heritage, Wealth Generation, Sustainable Living, Multidisciplinary Archaeology & Ancient civilizations.


AIMS of the Funding Campaign

The LDMF Foundation intents through this funding campaign to complete a next milestone in fields research, technology innovation, as well as education of technology transfer professionals specialized in the know how protected by the organization.


The Story:

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken,

Founder of the LDMF Foundation

Researcher, Developer of PTT Know How


The Origin

In the year 1987, i was just 15 years old, and faced for my age a wonderful challenge: i was requested to lead and collaborate with a team of young boy scouts from 10 up to 18 years old.  As a team leader i would have to prepare, train my team in fields communication, collaboration, strategy and skills. After some weeks of concern and concentration i came to an idea, based on previous experiences as team member myself: What can i do different ? What can i improve ? I have always wished to be heard, to have the opportunity to share and utilize my skills, and that our team would be in synch. as well with positive emotions and motivation. So i came to the idea to register the individual strengths, create collaboration guidelines, schedule training meetings, and implementing a positive empowerment protocol: When our team members are in the field playing, we will sing for them and remind them, hey are actually good at what ever they do;  besides learning to send the right people for the right challenge and at the right time. Our team became successful and finally managed from 6 to 15 team members in following 2 years.

I was not aware at that age that my creative thinking and natural ability for solution making plus my motivation and instinct did work together creating a gamified team building program, with emotional intelligence, body awareness and self-management elements, that was actually a cutting age idea for management.


The First Upgrade

But later on i will find out and try out at university a new upgrade of this basic model, in the year 1993: I would build a three fold circle program, with about 80 students registered. The training program was gamified and dedicated to the development of multidisciplinary collaboration skills, self-management skills, leadership and team building. Emotional intelligence, perception and matrix thinking were at that time as well key points for the work.

The training program was successful, we had fun and learn the value of multidisciplinary collaboration by taking challenges, questions and inquire, on a variety of issues and solving them by first listening to each of the disciplines available in the study circle.  We will motivate ourselves through stories and knowledge of several sources and learn about different views, perspectives of the world, by different cultures.

Even my goal at the university time was to complete my education in I.C.T. (Information & Computer Technology) and Science ( Natural Science ) which i started at the age of 11; i did realize the richness and importance of these gamified team building experiences, and slowly got seriously interested into social science and multidisciplinary research.

Several questions arise from these experiences, questions that i will try to solve, regarding the human factor, human ability of perception, emotion, strategic thinking, decision making, communication, collaboration, strategy design, emotional intelligence, self-management, leadership, project management, governance, non violence, capacity of application of human rights in daily life circumstances, multicultural and multidisciplinary collaboration skills, care for family, culture, peace, heritage and themselves through their strategies an decisions as individuals, communities or organizations, from health to relationships, wealth and know how, to skills and motivation.


Multidisciplinary Research

My curiosity brought me to study cultural influences and tradition, on thinking, perception, assessment of value, and patterns of behavior, reaching the edge between objective and conscious management of the subjective and subconscious self, was the individual capable of?

How emotions, perception, and experience of application of skills under real circumstances would become extremely efficient in terms of completion of skills and advancement of the reliability and ability of the human individual member of a team, community, family or organization?

My research did focus for several years on organization, change management, through understanding of the human factor. Developed tools that would help CXOs to lead themselves and their teams, organizations, with more efficacy, resilience, productivity. As my research brought new ideas and concepts together that were not yet popular and customers were not familiar with them, i decided to first build some reputation and experience in application, demonstrate their benefits and collect data for a scientific study on the back ground know how, body of work i started to create.


Trials of the Know How Developed

In 1996 i decided to travel and learn from application and experience on the field, did ground first a non profit organization dedicated to community support, sustainable living, and implemented a volunteer program in which travelers, from several disciplines and countries would participate, collaborate and learn, train with me. As well i did provide training, consultancy services and developed projects by applying my own project management tools.

In 2002 i decided to enter the for-profit organization model and explore on wealth generation, as well as in social entrepreneurship. Gained experience in fields like education, training, coaching, consultancy, self-management, preventive-health, real state, strategic management consultancy, gamification, project management, sustainable agriculture, performing arts, peace, human rights, economy, governance, community building, technology innovation and other fields that were part of the challenges i took while collaborating with organizations and individuals at locations i arrived in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Finland, The Netherlands, Finland), Russia, South America (Peru, Bolivia, Chile), and online (Canada, Australia, USA, Sweden, and other countries).

The new challenges found, brought me to new questions, more research and the development of new solutions. Since 1987 i have not stopped asking questions, following research and arriving to answers, development of solutions and implementation, trails and tests of these ideas to later transform them into know how that can be transferred and technically applied.


Multidisciplinary Nature Inspired Know How

At certain point in my research on the human factor, i realized that the application of nature principles, laws, cycles, rhythms, and knowledge of the human potential had to work hand t hand with cultural influences and the process of globalization, that condition modern culture behavior, perception and thinking.

I started a new phase of my research focusing mostly on what make us different and where we find commonalities, that would enhance our abilities of communication, collaboration and decision making. Where people find challenges, at the moment of building up a new world in peace and in harmony with nature.

I realized that the multicultural background of the global human species create tones and colors that must be integrated as diversity to the richness of a composition, that one of the human being, its potential, its challenges and feasible future.

I have wondered how nature inspired technologies would be able to express the life caring principles nature apparently has become stable in, and if human kind would be ever able to integrate a life-care, heritage, culture, family care, legacy attitude, towards future generations, its own species, and jump from a development and evolutionary phase that focus on basic extreme survival (which apparently degenerates into conflict, war, aggression, violence, destruction of natural resources, damage of living conditions and eventually degeneration of the necessary conditions for sustainable living) to another one that focus on self-care, collaboration and co-creation; which actually focus in the development of abilities necessary for the survival of the human species as such.

Holistic, Synergetic & Symbolic 

One of the most important discoveries in my research work has been how the development of nature inspired methods, that follow holistic and synergetic principles, and the use of symbolic language that utilizes nature inspired and human potential inspired keywords and that is capable to represent the subconscious and subjective self, could help individuals management consciously and objectively their projects and themselves by following pre designed strategies and the intent of achieving of goals, by observing a set of values and aims.

The complexity of the strategy necessary in order to overcome a degenerative social tendency, needs to be as powerful and effective enough, to transform a circumstance that is challenging into a beneficial and harmonious, life caring circumstance. How nature inspired know how can make this possible ?


A New Discovery

I needed a key, that would be able to simplify the solutions, to bring all this knowledge together, and harness all methods and discoveries, know how developed since 1987. I needed a key that can open the halls of knowledge of all cultures and civilizations, explore in the past with a futurist visionary heart and discover the nature of human in the context of human history, there for sense, become able to identify and describe the future humanity is creating and the adjustments that may become beneficial for the global human species.

“When you ask questions before you sleep, along your dreams the answers comes.” i learned this idea through my family heritage and placed it into practice. Sometimes the answers are close and already in our lives, which is the first place we need to look at. Since early years i have drown to archeological sites and ancient cultures, at the age of 3-4, my parents did tell me, i got in love with nordic culture. Well, all of these elements came together. By developing a parallel research on my Family Rooths in Eurasia, in particular nordic cultures, i did discover a symbol that actually holds the DNA Generation Principles, which are the key for all the work, know how i will develop in future.


Primordial Technology Theta 

In the year 2012 i had most of my nature inspired know how tested and already in the market, corporate and not for profit; along the following years a non stop of breaking-through events will bring me to a series of upgrades of my know how towards its modern form, the PTT Know How. Primordial technology theta, nature inspired know how, with visionary and humanist approach, in which nature principles, laws, cycles, rhythms are combined with knowledge on technology of ancient cultures and civilizations, the human potential (human factor) and modern human culture challenges, needs, of an emerging global culture and civilization.


The Legacy Project

2013 was an important year in which i decided to dedicate myself to a legacy project. Looking for the ideal organization model that would ensure this new know how, scientific approach, to be shared, promoted and developed in the future.

In 2016, The Netherlands, a non profit organization has been build, prepared, to hold, care take of this knowledge and make it available to future generations and you can make a difference, make this knowledge reach the right people, in the right time, for them to do the right thing.


The PTT Know How

PTT: Primordial Technology Theta is a nature inspired know how, developed based on the study of nature laws, principles, rhythms and cycles, the human potential (human factor) and know how and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations.

The Research Studies developed by the LDMF Foundation focus on creating a new future for humanity, by the advancement of scientific research, education, strategic management, technology innovation and governance through the application of PTT Know How.

PTT Know How Applications developed and being in the process of research and development are in the fields:


  • Education
  • Strategic Management
  • Scientific research
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Technology innovation
  • Self-management
  • Defense
  • Security
  • A.I.
  • Life Span
  • Neuroscience
  • Geo-Location Assessment
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Human Potential
  • DNA Studies
  • Gamification
  • Peace, Human Rights, Economy
  • Family
  • Heritage
  • Wealth Generation
  • Sustainable Living
  • Multidisciplinary Archaeology
  • Ancient civilizations


Our Needs


The PTT Core Know How, PTT Applications, Research Projects and the LDMF Foundation are result of my dedicated work  since 1987. In the year 2013 i decided to invest efforts  and resources to an humanist cause, and share PTT Core know how, its applications and following research projects results with the world (instead of providing it and developing for a limited private circle of corporate customers and sponsors).

With this decision, the legacy project would imply the creation of a non profit organization dedicated to care, protect, promote and develop the core know how, applications, research; make it available to future generations and transfer it to professionals, organizations and locations kind to implement an advanced of their technology and know how.

The following milestones of the Legacy Project through the development of the LDMF Foundation, needs of funding.

Being PTT and holistic, synergetic, humanist and futurist know how, the development of applications and innovative technology needs of trials, tests, evaluation of risk and benefits created through the implementation process and change/transformation of organization structures, human skills and social development, generated out of PTT Know How Tools and Applications.

The LDMF Foundation as organization needs of:

Funding for continues research, publications, and implementation of education programs, technology transfer, consultancy and coaching.

Qualified team members, trained technology transfer professionals, consultants and trainers.


FUNDING GOAL:  160462937.00 USD


  • 297,176.00 USD. (250000.00 EUR)  Publications: There are more than 300 publications, that need to be edited, final layout, organized in collections. The publications will be shared with universities and research organizations world wide.  The next milestone will be reached with a funding of 297,176.00 USD. (250000.00 EUR)
  • 95,096,200.00 USD (80000000.00 EUR) Research & Know How Technology Innovation  In the fields: Artificial Intelligence, Life Span, Neuro-Science, Mathematics, DNA Studies, Human Potential, Engineering, Strategic Management,  Self-Management, Preventive Health, Economy, Governance, Education, Gamification, Matrix-Q (Intelligence). The Multidisciplinary research projects focus on PTT Know How applications and PTT Core Know How, as foundation for new discoveries, know how and technology Innovation. The next milestone will be reached with a funding of 95,096,200.00 USD (80000000.00 EUR)
  • 9,509,620.00 USD (8000000.00 EUR) Training Programs,  for volunteers, internship programs, certification for trainers, coaches, consultants and CXOs, with the purpose to give them responsibility roles in education programs, multiplication, training for new users of the know how and implementation of the know how in organizations, private, public, commercial and non profit, education and research organizations. The next milestone will be reached with a funding of 9,509,620.00 USD (8000000.00 EUR)
  • 52,302,900.00 USD (44000000.00 EUR) Scholarships, Fellowships: for students and researchers that wish to dedicate themselves to continues research and development of know how:  The next milestone will be reached with a funding of 52,302,900.00 USD (44000000.00 EUR)
  • 475,481.00 USD (400000.00 EUR) Infra-Structure, Basic Equipment. The LDMF Foundation has been working as an online organization, the digital infrastructure, Hardware, as well as the storage and office for operations. By considering a next milestone of at least 9 years operations, the funding necessary would be of: 475,481.00 USD (400000.00 EUR)
  • 2,781,560.00 USD (2340000.00 EUR) Team. Business process and strategy, needs of a basic team that must be stable and fully dedicated to the organization. For a process of at least 9 years the organization needs of 2,781,560.00 USD (2340000.00 EUR)

The works of our legacy are our daily duty.

All efforts done today will serve the human of tomorrow and honor those steps done by our ancestors.

The works of our legacy are our daily duty.

Your support is needed: lets create a new future for humanity:

Donations to our bank Account:

Bank: ING Netherlands
Bank Account Name: Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
Bank Account nr / IBAN: NL95 INGB 0007 4257 94

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