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The fundraising campaign will be dedicated to support 4600 individuals with high risk of burnout, advance current methods, develop novel solutions, collaborate with technical assistance and by providing training online world wide to clusters of coaches and facilitators of preventive practice, that would like to mirror our projects in the Netherlands. Based on this project 100 coaches and facilitators will be trained, each of them with ability to facilitate burnout prevention services and alleviation of burnout symptoms.


A document dedicated to this project has been shared at a scientific research network, with the intention to reach health professionals, educators, social scientists, HHRR, CXOs, social service professionals, and promote communication and collaboration on these matters. ( DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.17139.43044)


-Research – Study on Burnout Prevention  v.2.0

-Training program for coaches and trainers

-Innovation in know how for burnout prevention and alleviation of its symptoms



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– Trials : LDMF Foundation know how for burnout prevention methods facilitated to 4600 individuals

– Upgrade current LDMF Foundation know how for burnout prevention

– Produce novel tools for burnout prevention and treatment

– Provide training to coaches and facilitators (New methods)



Insurances companies and public social services from all around the world have registered an important amount of money being utilized for burnout treatment and calculated loss in business process [ 2016, for example, by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, https://osha.europa.eu/en/tools-and-publication… €600 billion a year — “€272 billion on absenteeism and presenteeism , €94 billion on missed work days, €242 billion on loss of productivity, €63 billion on healthcare costs and disability payments of €39 billion.”].


Burnout creates an impact in the family-life-work balance from which burnout patients and their families hardly recover, or must do commit with a long process dedicated to the rehab of the patience but as well the rehab of the family-life-work balance.


In that sense, burnout prevention plays a key role for holistic strategic management and self-management, leadership and governance.


The LDMF Foundation has implemented a set of training and coaching (9 steps) programs dedicated to burnout prevention “The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy”, stress management and self-management; and has in development process novel know how and methods that will be tested in the following years.




For the purpose of burnout prevention and burnout symptoms alleviation, research, upgrade of methods already utilized and development of novel know how and solutions in burnout treatment and prevention.


The LDMF Foundation will provided to:


4600 trials (Individuals)

a total of 271200 units of burnout prevention training and coaching

Along a total of 81 weeks.


Based on the results, experienced and verified through a scientific research process, novel know how will be developed.


Trainers & Coaches: A complete training program will be provided to trainers and coaches that wish to join this project and collaborate with its development.





115410345.00 EUR  ($137,846,000 USD) ( Research, Trials, Training for Coaches and Trainers, Innovation in Holistic Burnout Prevention and Burnout Symptoms alleviation practices)


Fundraising goals (With following funds we may develop the project step by step)


-Presentations, Conferences:  5000.00 EUR

-Awareness Rising campaigns: 8000.00 EUR

-Training Program for Coaches and Trainers 27 Units (9 days): 8000.00 EUR (Organization) + 7020.00 EUR Training + 800.00 EUR / attendee for training + 900.00 EUR/Attendee x evaluation and certification.

-27 Units of Training-Coaching : Burnout prevention for 1 individual with high burnout risk:

–.27×90= 2430.00 EUR per individual. Basic Training.

–.27×260=7020.00 EUR per individual. Complete training and coaching.

–.2060.00 EUR Full weekend workshop.




01. Awareness rising campaigns

02. Presentations, conferences

03. Recruiting of coaches, trainers and researchers

04. Training of coaches and trainers

05. Provide burnout prevention training to individuals with burnout high risk (Trials)

06. Completion of the number of units, cycles, stages of training-coaching planned as for trials. (05)

07. Assessment of results

08. Conclusions, Publications

09. Know How, Methods, Innovation. Design and implementation of novel tools for burnout prevention and burnout symptoms alleviation.

09+. Share of the know how world wide, online, through networks, with collaboration of health organizations and organizations with employees that experience high burnout risk.







Prevention is essential, through the application of preventive practices it is possible to help individuals that are at burnout risk to advance their performance while avoiding burnout to be experienced.





It means to do something, before the issue that we do not prefer takes place.


” The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy ” is the know how behind the first set of gamified training programs and coaching services dedicated to burnout prevention, provided by the LDMF Foundation.  http://9-steps-programs.luisdanielmaldonadofonk…


The training program is being provided since june 2017 at the city of Rhenen, The Netherlands, 3 times per week. 9+ self-management and burnout prevention training programs are provided now to the Rhenen region.




The LDMF Foundation, by the study of nature principles, rhythms, cycles, laws, the human factor (human potential, human stages of development), and study of ancient culture know how and technology, has developed a series of tools dedicated to holistic self-management.


” The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy ” is one of these tools, core know how behind the ” 9 Steps Programs” designed for burnout prevention.


But there is more, at the LDMF Foundation continues research has brought novel know how for burnout prevention and we belief this new stage (upgrade) of our know how will make it possible for individuals with burnout to alleviate the symptoms and return to social, family, emotional, professional and leisure activity.


At the LDMF Foundation there are considered 9 stages of burnout prevention and  also the standard international burnout severity stages. From lack of ability to manage stress, fear to fail, to lack of comfort into the tasks scheduled to finally experience inability to meet deadlines and complete process and projects.


With following research studies, we would like to improve the results obtained with the methods already provided (2000-2016), and develop new practices that will as well alleviate burnout symptoms.





The research study planned involve 4600 trials (Individuals), for a total of 271200 units of burnout prevention practices provided to them, within a total of 81 weeks.


The methods will be applied to small circles of attendees that have been previously assessed and perceived as experiencing risk to burnout.


Weekly training units will be provided to them, as well as monthly weekend, individual and group coaching. e-learning materials will be as well provided for self-education purposes.


A careful and precise holistic observation of results of application of methods, including health checks, lab. tests, mechanical scientific studies,  and the development of the individuals in their ability to manage stress and stressful situations, will generate the data necessary for further studies.


The trials will be developed by stages, and cycles of: 27, 81, 164, 81 and 27 units necessary for the completion of a process facilitated for purpose of burnout prevention.


Participants will share their experiences and benefits of applications of the methods learned.


A careful assessment of each attendee will give to coaches and trainers detailed information on the individual challenges that need to be faced. Group coaching will bring the group process into a collaborative and synergetic development.


By completing each cycle of this study, an assessment of final results, conclusions, will be published. With the final results, the team of researchers, coaches and trainers will proceed with the upgrade and innovation of the tools already utilized and the new ones being developed.


Already a previous research study have been developed, based on LDMF Foundation archive of methods and practices for burnout prevention and alleviation provided by its founder between 2000 and 2016.  DOI:..


This new stage of the research study, will bring a new upgrade of methods and novel burnout prevention and symptoms alleviation know how.






The LDMF Foundation provides already a paid service for burnout prevention:  ” The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy ” .


Attendees of the training and coaching programs provided through this research study, will enjoy of gift certificates for some or all units of their training.


The LDMF Foundation is asking for sponsors and partner organizations to collaborate with the project.


A Fundraising campaign has been placed into action with purpose of gathering the means necessary for the project.


The aim would be to cover all expenses of the research study, and complete the 4600 trials (Individuals), for a total of 271200 units of burnout prevention practices and coaching provided to them.


Through fundraising, sponsors and collaboration of the attendees, the LDMF Foundation expect to gather the means necessary.


The LDMF Foundation starts awareness rising campaign in September 2017, through online conferences, at location conferences, publications and fundraising campaigns.


We wish volunteers and collaborators at location will join us, coaches and trainers.


As well it is an expectation that clusters of coaches and trainers abroad would like to mirror our projects, receive technical support, certification in our methods and join an online collaboration platform.




For the purpose of this research study, within the time frame planned, it is necessary to bring by to coaches and trainers the methods to be utilized. It means to increase the current team of coaches and trainers.


Coaches and trainers that wish to join a LDMF Foundation team dedicated to burnout prevention, will join an internship work-study program, necessary for their completion of skills.


Trainers and coaches will be included into a crew by stages, according to the cycles of the research study, trials: 3, 11, 22, 33 and finally up to 100 team members will be recruited and trained, assisted in their role of supporting 4600 individuals at burnout risk learn how to prevent burnout and alleviate burnout symptoms.


Their training program will take for up to 100  team members a total of 30000 units of training, evaluation of skills and capacity of responsible application and certification as coaches and trainers in the methods provided by the LDMF Foundation.


Coaches and trainers will receive as well a training on skills necessary to collaborate with this research-study through providing services of burnout prevention and burnout symptoms alleviation to their customers.


An advanced team will focus on assessment of the attendees, and evaluation of results, know how development, creation of novel solutions in field burnout prevention.




Publications will be made available to share the results and progress of the study.


After completion of 271200 units necessary for all cycles, stages of this research study, the LDMF Foundation expect to arrive to the design and implementation of novel solutions for burnout prevention and burnout symptoms alleviation.


The results, in form of training programs, coaching methods, preventive practices will be made available world wide through online platforms, publications and e-learning programs, for both (coaches and trainers in field burnout prevention) and for individuals with high burnout risk and for those with burnout already that wish to alleviate the burnout symptoms.


The methods will be brought to public, health organizations, preventive health schools, and to organizations with employees that experience high burnout risk.



The LDMF Foundation


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